The Nursery and the Geese pen.

Our first full day at the sanctuary. We had breakfast in the communal hall and then were straight into the work. We split into two groups.

The first group went to go and repair the dam. They filled sand bags to build up the dam so that the Elephants have a place that they can submerge themselves into the water for their daily bath. Then after lunch they were able to go and get in the water with the Elephants to wash them down. (I was with group two, so will have more details on this task tomorrow!)

The second group planted an entire patch of pumpkin seeds in record time and after that we got the unpleasant task of cleaning out the Geese Pen. It was smelly and dirty work but none of the volunteers shied away from it. They all went into it with a tenacity that made it disappear quickly. The work was quickly realised and before we had even completely refilled their pond with clean water, the Geese were already in it. I didn’t realise until that moment that Geese could look happy, but there was no other way to describe how the almost comical grins on their faces.

After lunch we got to work in the budding area of the nursery. It is something we didn’t fully understand until now but a large part of the amazing food that is used for both us and the Animal’s comes from their own crops. So we were busy planting small cashew seeds into small pot plants and even received some help from the rescued dogs (they were more enthusiastic than helpful but their company was awesome!).

There was a few hours of free time in which a slight rain had people retreating to their accommodation. As I was passing and talking to each of the volunteers, one of them mentioned that this was

“The most peaceful place she has ever been.”

I couldn’t help but agree with her, there is a serenity to this place that is difficult to put into words. The feeling of contentment here is unbelievably contagious. It is an awesome feeling.

After dinner we were treated to a video of the progress of what both this sanctuary and Reach Out have accomplished here and a glimpse into what is in store for the rest of the week.

Many of the Volunteers are taking advantage of this really cool and pleasant breeze to get an early night in bed and sleep all the way through. We may even have to use blankets!


From the brunette on the bottom left, the volunteers in clockwise order – Jade, Amy, Carlee, Riley, Jordan, Leora, Jess, Charlotte and Claudia. There is Christian walking to get more pots for us!


The dogs finding our loose dirt/compost a great place to sleep.


The 3 pm feeding time for the elephants with Kayla and Jess.

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