The Projects continue!

This morning was both amazing and slightly disheartening. It was our last day at the Elephant sanctuary, tomorrow we will say our final farewell to the Elephants before the journey back to Siem Reap.

The two groups were farmers today, the first were doing weeding around the sugar canes and banana trees to make sure these crops continue to flourish for both the elephants and the volunteers. While the other group cut down some crops for the elephants afternoon snack.

In the afternoon we all went down to Bathe with Arun Rai for the final time. Naturally a water fight quickly ensued but we managed to get the elephant washed as well!


Then we did the tree blessings. The Volunteers went around to the different trees with pieces of cloth blessed by Cambodian Buddhist Monks and tied them around the trees. The Cambodian people are very spiritual and would never considering cutting down a tree with these cloth on them, to do so would cause several lifetimes of bad Karma. With the help of the volunteers we’re slowly making this forest immune to illegal loggers!


As our final night out in this beautiful place the local team leaders at the sanctuary Mix and Stan, organised a bonfire for us to have a really awesome farewell to this amazing place!


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