To The Next Adventure

Sou S’dey from the Elephant Sanctuary. Today started off well as no-one was awoken by the shrieks from bungalow 16 as Bernie the rat had finally moved on. Things got even better as the morning went on with toast for breakfast (a welcomed change from rice, noodles and veggies).  

Steffy, Jess and Maddie were lucky enough to go into the monkey enclosure while they were fed breakfast. Here they met Lucy the monkey keeper, who taught them how to interact with our closest relatives…the monkeys. 

The highlight of our morning though was feeding resident elephants Arun Ria and Kumlin for the final time. We were able to get up close and personal with them and take loads more sefiess (even though I’m sure we already had enough.)

The rest of the morning was spent packing our bags, playing with the puppy’s and chilling in our hammocks while Claire went to a neighboring farm to collect cow fertilizer in the form of Cow Dung (she has been waiting all week for that).

At 11.30am we had our final lunch and said our final goodbyes to sanctuary before hopping aboard the Siem Reap express, ready for the not so long journey back to Siem Reap.  

Upon our return to Siem Reap most were eager to have a hot shower (no more bucket limits!), go shopping, get a massage and get ready for the exciting night planned ahead.

Until our next crazy adventure…


Claire and Steffy 

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Hey Guys

I hope you have enjoyed following the blog as much as I have enjoyed this amazing group. We have all become so close that it will be so hard to leave each other… but we know, its not “goodbye” it’s “see you soon”.

If you want to continue to support the projects that Reach out Volunteers runs, we would greatly appreciate any contribution to the Reach Out volunteer Charity. 100% of all donations go into on-ground projects to continue to support these communities when volunteers aren’t around.

If you would like to make a donation, follow the link below.

Thank you so much for your support and you will be seeing your loved ones soon and, no doubt hearing all the stories too.


Good Night,

John Rouse

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