Tree Huggers

Today was our last day of work at the Elephant Sanctuary. In morning we split up into our two usual groups. The first groups went off to the a sugar cane far in the village adjacent to the sanctuary. We went and harvested cane for the elephants.  Harvesting anything is always the sought after job in that we get to use machetes!


The second group stayed at the sanctuary to do some maintenance on the bird and puppy habitats. We went in and cleaned out their water sources (a bit of a dirty job) and got into a bit of a water fight… No escape!

image image

In the afternoon we all gathered to prepare orange cloth that had be blessed  by local monks. After cutting the cloth to an adequate length we all ventured into the forest. Armed with our blessed cloth we each found a tree. We tied the tree with the cloth in order to protect it form logging. Because the orange cloth has been blessed by monk it is considered sacrilege in the buddhist community to cut down a tree adorned by one. Anyone who would dare to log it will have bad luck for life according to Buddhist myth. That would be enough to stop me!

image image image image image image

After our forest adventure we fed the elephants and began preparing for our bon fire! This evening was filled with ukuleles, sing alongs, and stories; a perfect way to end our elephant adventure.

image image


Good night!



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