Trees 4 life

We awoke to the sound of gibbons, dogs, elephants and other wild creatures and off we set for breakfast.
Worked kicked off at 8 and included us carting 100s of trees from the nursery into the back of the trucks and tractors. We then jumped on the back with them and headed out to the jungle. As we have a group of 30 we planted all of the trees in about 30 minutes, making some of us head all the way back to the nursery to load up even more trees, we will have a revegetated jungle in no time. The reason for this work is due to massive wild fires that sweat through the area in 2016.
After lunch one group went and hung out with elephants while the other finished planting the seeds in the nursery. As usual in the afternoon we prepared the ele food and fed them and then obviously played some pretty top notch volleyball.
Once we finished dinner we watched a short documentary on the extent of the 2016 bush fires and then played some musical trivia.

Thanks guys,

As always, thanks for the amazing photos Kim 🙂

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