Triple Family! (Tree, Farming and Teaching Family)

Arun Sua Sdei (Good Morning) Everyone! Today we would like to tell you what we done in the whole day for this elephant sanctuary and also this jungle community.

After we had a vegetarian breakfast in the normal time, we went straight to work. We took some of trees (Peacock Tree and Chan Kiri tree) to plant in the spare place of the park, because these free lands are cut down a lot of trees. “Tree Family” started from 8 am till 10 am. In here some of group have planted 21 trees, some 15 , some uncountable.
One Tree One Life! That is the words that we use in this morning.



Tree Family!!

After we have planted around 50 trees around this park, we took a break to have some boiled corns. It was very yummy.


After our break we seeded the Pumpkin in order to make our food , monkeys , elephants and the local villagers around here. We always kept our hands dirty until lunch.



Farming Family!!!

After Lunch Teaching class is coming, that was an amazing for us to teach all these hunger students, event these students no basic in an English language but they learn so fast, even the teacher hasn’t any skill to teach them. But all of our volunteers have done a good job in teaching English here. Teaching teaching and learning learning have never stop!! Cheers!!




Teaching Family!!!
Emmm all these kids are adorable that we don’t want to leave but now it is on time to go back and prepared the food for the Our Gentle elephants, Cheeky Monkeys some us are crabbed and toughed by these Cheeky Monkeys..and we had also watering the crops which we grew yesterday. “Not waiting for rain, Please do it…



Tonight we watched the film of elephant do logging, Making Business, tourism Pleasure for people that is so cruel of people to these kinds of animals. Some of us dropped tears while we watched this educational movie. ThanksMrs. Lek “the Founder of Elephant Sanctuary” takes care and recues all these adorable animals. Keep doing it. All of Reach Out Volunteers always support your activities and we always stand beside you to help all these kinds of animals and these people are the big part to protect them as well.




Wait to see what we are going to do for this Elephant Sanctuary and this Jungle Community Tomorr!