Water fights and duck ponds!

Another very exciting day at the elephant sanctuary! This morning we ate pancakes which was a tantalising taste from back home! Everyone was fit and ready to go by 8 when we went to the local school to help teach the kids english. This was definitely a highlight for us because we absolutely loved being at the school in the village last week. The kids at the school spoke a lot less english though so it was very different. We broke into groups and split into the 5 classrooms that the school had, and taught them things like numbers, the alphabet, some animals, and some songs like ‘heads shoulders knees and toes.’ It’s so much fun but can be very difficult to teach kids who speak next to no English when we speak next to no Khmer! We moved the classes outside to play some games like duck-duck-goose, and as expected we all turned into human jungle gyms as the kids climbed all over us!

The rest of the afternoon was an afternoon of cleaning poo…literally…we spent the afternoon cleaning lots of poo! We started off cleaning the goose pond – we had to empty it first then scrub the whole thing out! Our role here is largely to do with he elephants but we also help out with maintaining the sanctuary and caring for the other animals that live here too. We also cleaned out the puppy pool, and the task turned into a huge water fight thanks to Monique!! Still in our soaking wet clothes we headed out in the truck to pick up some cow poo. We loaded it up in bags and put it into the truck, then sat as far away from it as we could within the limited space to drive back to the sanctuary.

Showers were definitely in order after our afternoon! Everyone is feeling very relaxed here and loving our daily activities and spending time with each other. We had another beautiful dinner tonight, and don’t have a documentary to watch so plan to play some card games and hang out together for the evening!!

Miss you all!

Lauren O xx
Volunteers and school kids mingling for a photo!10841494_10205461015630065_2038853063_n
Lauren, Rach and Amy teach basic English! And do a fantastic job!10846609_10205461013510012_1263288193_n
Cute kiddies!10850796_10205461012469986_814089371_n
Anthony and Lauren make some friends!10859831_10205461016230080_721553102_n
Listening intently!10866881_10205461012829995_1878085499_n
Lauren starts a dance train!10841439_10205461011029950_1652921162_n
Samatha, Chris and Chon Lee work together!10846740_10205461011269956_1734056782_n
Chris, Chon Lee, Sam, Monique, Samantha and Azim post water fight!10850769_10205461010829945_2061729045_n
Amy, Anthony, Rachel, Sam, Richard, and Azim pose for another photo!10859382_10205461011509962_1212545476_n
Amy, Chon Lee, Monique, Azim, Chris and a few others help out cleaning the duck pond!10863661_10205461010429935_81009091_n
Monique, Chris, Sam, Amy, Azim and Richard cut the paw paws for food!

Richard post first shower in ten days 😉10872531_10205461009869921_719506762_nRichard, Monique and Azim hang with an elephant at feeding time!