We are back in action

Hello everyone, we are back in action.

Over this last week at the elephant sanctuary we have walked with elephants, built a pond for the monkeys, built a house, fed and looked after four beautiful elephants, learnt about the illegal logging industry, learnt about the tourism industry and the horrible torture the elephants go and it has had a lasting impact and each and everyone of us.
All of our volunteers have fallen in love with this little slice of paradise and the work they do. We have been working hard and truly making a difference out here in the Cambodian jungle and it is been an experience of a lifetime. The work they do here is so important and it is now our job to go out and help educate others so we can save the elephants and all animals from horrible conditions where they are used an abused for our entertainment.
It is amazing to wake up here every morning and hear the wild gibbons calling to each other and the sound of the elephants munching on some sugar cane or grass and it really will be a sad day when we leave tomorrow but the memories we have made will be with us for a lifetime.

Jol Moi