We see Elephants and Dahlia arrives!!!

Today was an incredible day for two great reasons!

Firstly, and most importantly our new friend Dahlia finally arrived and joined us. She had some troubles with her flights and unfortunately missed the first few days but we are so glad to have her here now


Lane, Dahlia and Clare!

Secondly, we met the Elephants! All ten of them!!!

We started the day with a delicious breakfast at our accommodation of Omelettes, Banana Pancakes and Fruit Salad. Hopping into our minibuses we travelled to the Elephant Sanctuary, where we spoke with Jack about our plans for the week and all the aims of the Sanctuary.

Splitting into two groups we went off to observe the Elephants in two different jungle areas.


Elephant Photobomb


Back: Lane, Jane, Eve, Jade and Bree. Front: Clare, Jase


Jase Making Mates


Ronelle, Amy and Tori helping out with an Elebath

Stopping for a delicious lunch at the Elephant Basecamp we sat round discussing our wonderful morning, singing songs and swapping stories.

Heading back after lunch we swapped areas to meet the rest of the Elephants.


Brittney, Amy, Ronelle, Valerie and Jack. Jungle Trekking


Jade finding a Cambodian swing!

An amazing start to our time at the Elephant sanctuary, can’t wait for tomorrow!!!

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