Welcome the fourth day in The Cambodia Wild Life Sanctuary.

Farming Day!!!
Event yesterday we had a bit hard time with stormy in half day, but we still woke up and had the vegetarian breakfast on time. Today is a second day that we need to build the Water Tank for the Rural Primary School in Otdor Meanchey Province which is in the North part of Cambodia. Before we started working there many of students came through us and say Sua Sdei “Hello” with a beautiful smile to us that such a friendly way of these amazing people who live in this poor country. “Keep doing it, you never alone!”



After we got a warm greeting from these students we were hunger to work to complete these stuffs. We separated into two groups, Digging Group and  Cementing Group. This school doesn’t have a water pump for using so they us only the pond and raining water… Emm Life is like this.


Cementing Group


Digging Group

After vegetarian lunch we took a rest for 30 minutes and then we started to grow the vegetable and fruit to this elephant sanctuary. So we still divided into three group first group it calls Coriander Group, Second Group is Lemongrass Group and Third is Corn Group. That was such great time for us because today was so cool to do the farm around this place. These vegetables are for us, elephants and monkeys food and the people who live in this area.




Coriander Group


Corn Group


Event under a cool sky, but we still got sweaty and smelly as well. Ahhh, it doesn’t matter for us for these kinds of problem because we used to it. After we finished our farming we took a rest about 15 minutes and it is time for us to prepare to food for Elephant and taking them a bath, and let them drink water as well. But three of our team needs to collect the monkey’s food. That was a great to know that what kind of monkey are they, where do they from, and how and what do they eat?



Feed Elephant


Feed Cheeky Monkeys

After this we had dinner and cheat chat about million stories that we have had in our lives. That was such a great time to talk about these. Tonight as well, we had a Khmer Lesson with Mr. Bun that is a hundred percent Khmer Man. But No one think he is Cambodian.

Oh My Buddha!!!