Welcome to paradise!

We’ve MADE IT! We pulled up to paradise Sunday morning, with just enough time to unpack our stuff, get an orientation, and a tour of the sanctuary before lunch was served. Meals here at the sanctuary are DELICIOUS – buffet style goodness waiting for us every breakfast, lunch and dinner!

Our accommodation is beautiful. All the volunteers are set up in these comfy wooden bungalows with hammocks on the porches… Truly paradise!

For our first work shift at the sanctuary, we got down and dirty cleaning out the geese pond! Everyone had fun emptying and scrubbing the pond so that the geese could have nice clean water for a day or two until it’s cleaned again next week.

The highlight of everyone’s day was definitely feeding the elephants! We prepared sugarcane and watermelon in big buckets, then wow-ed in amazement as the elephants came around the corner and rushed to us ready for their snack! It is such a surreal experience to hand sugar cane and watermelon to the trunks of the elephants and watch them chow down. They’re such amazing, intelligent creatures.

In the evening we watched a documentary on the treatment of elephants in the tourism industry and how terribly elephants are mistreated day after day. It makes interacting with the elephants here even more special, knowing that they’ve been taken away from terrible conditions and are now allowed to just roam and be happy!


Everyone is excited to bathe the elephants on Monday… what an experience! Wish us luck ☺️






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