Welcome to the sanctuary!

Today I got to meet eleven new people and bring them to the Elephant Sanctuary. They’ve come from two close knit groups as one group of five came from the island program and six came from the village program. On the bus ride there we did a few ice breaking games where all the volunteers got involved. It wasn’t long before the two groups became one. The way that they did it is what makes my role here so unbelievably good, all these amazing and enthusiastic volunteers working towards the same goal turns these sort of projects into a paradise in which you never want to leave.

The first day at the sanctuary is mostly about the volunteers finding their feet. We went through orientation, a tour of the sanctuary and our role here.

We visited the monkey enclosure.


Later they all got to meet and feed the elephants themselves. You can see in the faces of the volunteers how truly awe inspiring it is when you first meet them.



After spending almost an hour with the two elephants, Arun Rai and Kumlin. We had the afternoon off, we got to visit the local market, play volleyball with the rangers and had an amazing dinner.


Now they volunteers are getting ready to get to watch a video on the abuse that these two Elephants have gone through. It is always a heart wrenching video and it left many of the volunteers in tears.

However now they understand why these creatures need our help.

I look forward to getting to know this group better and I know we’re going to accomplish so much this week!