What time is it? CRAFTERNOON!

Yesterday’s group blog post went so well, we decided to do it again! Here it goes:

Woke up for breakfast and had fried toast with jam for breakfast. Yum! Today we headed to the school on the back of a luxury tractor to contribute to the building of a classroom. We begged Elaura to not make us move around dirt, but upon getting there, we realized that’s exactly what we’d be doing. We then formed a very efficient assembly line to move dirt for the foundation, taking occasional breaks to talk to the cute school children. It was so much more chill than last week, and we were able to take things slow with breaks and fun games while we worked. Elaura left us under Rameths supervision whilst she went to pick up our lunch and crafts for the afternoon. We ended up making an elaborate plan to ignore Elaura after she came back with our lunch late. (Note this was the KITCHENS fault not mine 🙁

She then proceeded to make loud slurping and chewing noises while eating her watermelon to get our attention. Elaura did many more disgusting things, including but not limited to; showing us her leg hair, sitting on our laps, and dribbling chewed sweet potato down her chin. But the group proceeded to hold their ground.
After this, when the group decided it was once again appropriate to acknowledge Elaura, the group got excited for CRAFTERNOON!!! (thanks to Elaura for bringing back all those crafts with lunch). Amy invited all the primary school kids in to learn, which then got a kettle hectic as more kids began to join and each wanted to leave with a bracelet. However, it was a fun break from the work site and everyone enjoyed their dose of crafts.
After this we went back to…… Dirt! We decided to get pumped and start up the old school tunes again but sadly the speaker stopped and we were left with just our DIRTy thoughts.

Once returning back to the elephant sanctuary and feeding the elephants, our fearless team leader had used this time to organize fun games for the team. The 15 volunteers were divided into 3 teams of 5, and team chicken took victory over team donkey and team cow, through intense running and the telepathic minds of katelyn and Lauren to produce the perfect replica of a vine and the superb leadership skills of Katelyn Hobbs. Little did we know there would be a homey treat waiting for us at dinner…HOT CHIPS! (Aka French fries)
After dinner we finished off our warm and fuzzies and snuggled up together to watch Avatar and make more bracelets!

PS- Shoutout to Sarah’s mom, and don’t worry she wasn’t embarrassed AT ALL


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