What’s the story morning glory

Today entailed a lot of planting! We planted so many things, I almost lost track of it all! The sanctuary is self sustainable with fresh vegetables, fruits, etc., and the gardens are everywhere! Today we helped plant papaya trees, morning glory veggies and sugar cane. We turned an entire area into a freshly planted sugar cane field. We even raked, hoed and planted while singing in the rain together this afternoon. Singing has just become a daily activity now; I love it. DSC05704 DSC05708 DSC05711 DSC05723DSC05724 DSC05728

A few people volunteered to feed the monkeys today as well.  They got to actually go into the enclosures to hand the monkeys fruit and get right up close and personal with them. Although they’re adorable, one of them decided to shake its butt at us after we generously gave him a banana. What a cheeky fellow!

Of course we also fed the dear old elephants today too. The day wouldn’t be complete without seeing our best friends. Both of them were very eager to eat all the watermelon, mango and sugar cane we brought them. We love elephants!!DSC05731 DSC05732

This evening we had some of the conservation soldiers and their families join us for an english lesson. They sat with us around the tables as we taught them basic words and sentences for an hour. They come every week to learn english, and everyone was really happy teaching them. It was quite a shock to them because most of these guys don’t even know how to read and write in Khmer, so trying to teach English to them proved to be a bit challenging. It was emotional too and I think it made an impact on many of them. The day was packed full yet again, but there are only a few more days left :(. I can’t believe how fast it has gone by.