Wheels on the bus go round n round!

Hey! This is Gavin, I’m one of the volunteers in Danielle’s group. Danielle has done so much for us that she needed a break and give me a chance to write this. She knew I’d do a better job!

So today was a travel day. The thought of having a 2-hour bus ride was quite daunting but we made it really fun. We talked about anything and everything, sang songs (especially Let It Go from Frozen) and played games. Some of us took naps too because we were too tired, but in the end we made a long bus trip into a fun bus trip.

We were really excited to get to the elephant sanctuary though for a nice change from the hotel. And by change we mean away from the air conditioning and the hot showers and the dry hotel rooms and into bungalows and bucket showers and mosquito nets. We got new roomies and were joined by four great new guys to the group who have all come from a different program, making changes in Phnom Penh.

After an orientation and great food (actually the best food we have had all week), we had a little rest before getting the first taste of the work we will be doing here. We cut food with machetes (some better than others) including pumpkin and watermelon, while some of us got to cut fresh sugar cane for the elephants.

Then we actually got to meet the two elephants that live at the sanctuary. Their names are Arun Rai and Kamlin and they are both very old but were amazing animals to feed. One let us feed her – she is blind but it was so cool to see her eat. The other one fed herself and farted really loudly; it was hilarious.

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That’s basically what we did today. We have just had dinner and are going to watch a small film about the elephants which we are looking forward to. That’s all the time I have guys but keep following the blog for more of our amazing adventures.

P. S. Wanna say hi to all the parents of the volunteers, we are all getting on amazingly and a special shout-out to my mom and niece and nephew, Rachel’s mom (Sus), Summer’s mom (Vicky), and Bec’s nieces and nephews (Ruby, Maddie, Levi and Zach).

-Gavin, from the UK

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