Why you should not ride elephants.


Why not ride elephants?

You can ride horses, camels, donkeys and mules. You can ride water buffalo and yaks. A few people on their back can’t be that heavy for them can it?

IMG_5379The reason it is not okay is because of the dark underworld of elephant “training”.
Elephants who have not been “trained” do not let people ride them. Elephant training is called phajaan in Thai and involves the removal of the baby elephant from its mother so that it can be constrained in a tiny cage or small pit.



For days on end they are deprived of food, water and sleep. Hour after hour they are beaten, stabbed with weapons and hit repeatedly on the head, back and legs with bamboo sticks with nails in the ends. The torture continues for days until, soaked in blood, finally the spirit of the beast is broken.


IMG_4422I have linked some videos below but please, only watch them if you are ready to be upset and you are willing to take on images of such unimaginable cruelty you may never be able to forget.

When you ride elephants you pay money to the industry that provides this cruelty to these wonderful creatures.

So, please don’t ride elephants and if you do care about them share this article. Rarely is it so true that “to share is to care”.



The Team at ROV