Wifi is back up!

Sorry for the delay, especially those that wanted to know the details about their friends and loved ones latest adventures.

The wifi went down in a recent storm and it has taken several days to get it back up. I have continued doing the writing daily, but had to save it on my laptop until the wifi is back up. I apologise for the delay but I do have three posts to put up tonight!

Hey there!

My name is Stew, I am a team leader with reach out volunteers and will be looking after the volunteers for the next week. I have taken over from Domdin, our Cambodian team leader as his engagement ceremony is this week.

On the ride to the Sanctuary I got a feel for the volunteers. I can already tell this will be an amazing group. They have already become very close with each other, the way they jumped straight into the embarrassing stories on the bus ride towards the sanctuary was awesome and we were all laughing our way to the Elephants.

After a quick orientation of the sanctuary, the volunteers got settled in to their new accommodation. And at 3 pm, they were all able to see the gentle giants themselves.


It is something that no matter how many times I see, it never fails to move me. It’s not just the Elephants but the people in front of me, the ones that had spent so much time and money to come here and help these amazing creatures. I always get caught up with their enthusiasm when they first see the Elephants.

This is one of those times when a photo will never capture the magic of this moment, but this one might give you an idea.


Voluntaire Amelia, Kelsey and Trari


Later they got involved in a game of volley ball with the staff at the sanctuary.


Then finally, I am writing this just after they have watched a video on how extremely hard the lives of Elephants are in Cambodia. There are already a few tears being shed on behalf on the Elephants, which once again proves how big of a heart all these volunteers have.

They now have a better idea on the reason why they are needed here and are ready to get to work in the morning and truly make that difference that is needed in the lives of these Elephants.

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