Work hard, play hard

Hey y’all 🙂

It’s been another full day at the elephant sanctuary. We switched groups today so everyone who got a lot of elephant time yesterday, spent their morning weeding out the sugar cane fields and the farmer group from yesterday spent the morning completing the dam project started yesterday. The volunteers braved fire ants, spiky plants, and water they couldn’t see the bottom of, but we have made a lot of progress on these projects. It may not seem like much but the more we plant, clean, and construct, the better it is for all of the animals (and plants) at the sanctuary! In the afternoon, group one did the seeding in order to plant more papaya trees. The other group finally got to bathe with the elephants (after having sat through 24 hours of the other group raving about how fun it is ;p)! It’s an incredible experience to be in the water with these elephants, making sure they’re staying cool and of course getting lots of watermelon in the process 🙂 I know the volunteers can’t wait for Thursday to jump back in! And it wouldn’t be a complete day if we didn’t all come together to chop up fruit and feed the elephants! It was a quick feeding time today because it started down pouring and everyone was worried about their cameras haha. It ended up working out because the elephants scarfed down their food so quickly and once they finished their fruit, they moseyed back into the jungle to be free and wander, as they’re meant to do 🙂



Volunteers shown above: Sarah


Volunteers shown above: Erin and Josh


Volunteers shown above: Lindsay, Ike, Marianne, Nick, Justine, Jessica, Alexandria, Rachel, Laura, Madelaine, and Shannon


Volunteers shown above: Kristin, Femke, Josh, and MaciIMG_1907

Volunteers shown above: Nick, Justine, Alexandria, Ike, Maci, Samantha, and TL Abby.