Workin’ hard!

  • Today we got the chance to see just what it takes to collect food each day for the elephants. The sanctuary grows a lot of their own food for the animals here, but these elephants eat almost half their weight in food daily! That’s a lot of bananas. So naturally, they purchase fruit from the local villagers. We hopped in the back of the pick up truck and went for a ride down the road to a small family’s sugarcane field. There we got out a couple machetes and began chopping down around 100 sugar cane stocks. After that we stopped by another local villagers shop to pick up a heaping pile of bananas. Once the truck was loaded up, we drove back to the elephant sanctuary where we took a little mid day break.

    After lunch we started on seeding. One of the workers here showed us how to fill small planter bags with soil and little mini shovels. We planted around 150 pots of papaya. Here you can see the ones we just planted beside some that were planted by last seasons volunteers that are ready for transplanting around the sanctuary.

    Chopping up dinner for the elephants never gets old! This group has definitely gotten the hang of the machete. We chopped up the sugar cane we purchased and cut earlier in the day, as well as water melon and banana. The elephants never cease to amaze us as they make their way out of the jungle and to the field to greet us. Being able to touch them and be so close to them each day is pretty surreal!

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