Working Hard and Chilled with Stormy..

Good Morning Sunshine!! After we had the delicious vegetarian breakfast and we took the truck to cut the corn for the elephant’s food in this evening. While we arrived the corn field we saw a small classroom which has around 35 students in one classroom. There is one classroom, students are around less than 14 years olds and they are in grade one. The teacher is 15 years old. She is in Grade 6 in other province which is boarder with her hometown. The classroom is no walls and windows. It just has roof, five long tables with three pieces of wood as a black board. We got in and say hello with big smile to them and said back with their giant smiling faces to us.





We had a short time to played and said hello to these students because we needed to cut the corn for the elephants. We cut the corn under the chilled drizzling with the sound of birds and bugs. It was so romantic work and place. After we worked almost 2 hours we had corn break time. We had a delicious corn from this villagers during we broke time.




After we cut all the corn that we need for the elephants in this evening, we went back to the poorest classroom in order to say goodbye to them. We didn’t event say goodbye we sang four children songs for them and sang us bang with their language. So that was an amazing time with these kids. After that we came back for lunch and took rest for almost an hour.





Today we also planted the banana trees for the elephants, monkeys, and local people who are living there as well. Before we planted them we took the truck to take the banana trees at the village and then we came back to plant them around the sanctuary. We needed to plant 5 of them in every each of us. So we planted over 60 of banana trees. We do hope around a year these banana trees would be the food of elephants, monkeys and people here.




After a whole day of work with cutting the corn, teaching the songs for the kids, planting the banana trees, it is on time to prepare the food for Arun Reas, Kamlin ( Elephants) and also the monkeys. We feed them every day, but today is a party for them because we had three kinds of food like bananas, sugar cane, and watermelon.





It is time for dinner, watch the Elephants and sanctuary documentary, learn khmer lesson with Mr. Bun and play picture game. That was a great day today. ‘



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