Working Hard at the Elephant Sanctuary

Hi There everyone at home,

The group are still unfortunately without internet or wifi so we’ve been keeping in touch with the Team Leader by phone to get some updates on what everyone’s been up to. We aren’t able to get any photos at the moment, but they will be posted as soon as possible 🙂

Thursday 24th July: 

The volunteers spent the morning repairing one of the dams at the sanctuary. This was quite an important job as the dam holds water for all the animals at the sanctuary to drink during the dry season. The dam had been damaged by recent rainfall, so it was up to our amazing volunteers to do some repair work.

Our volunteers worked hard and filled around 60 sandbags with sand that were placed along the damaged areas of the dam to keep the water in. This will ensure that once the dry season returns that the animals will all have sufficient water to drink.

After a delicious vegetarian lunch (all meals at the sanctuary are vegetarian) the group then split into two groups to maximise what could be done.

One group went to the local school to assist in painting the water catchments at the school. Past groups have worked on the construction of these.

The other group had a blast bathing the elephants, which is always an extremely popular task 🙂 It’s also a great way to cool off from the Cambodian heat!

Friday 25th July:

This morning the group worked extremely hard planting trees to assist in rehabilitating the forest which is of great importance to the sanctuary. Our volunteers put in a tremendous effort, and planted around 200 trees! After all that hard work, they were definitely ready for some lunch and some time to relax.

After lunch the groups will be splitting in two again:

One group will be going back to the local school to finish painting the water catchments that we’ve been working on over the past few weeks. This will provide the local school with a valuable source of water.

The other group will be spending their afternoon cleaning out the goose and duck habitat at the Sanctuary.

Another day full of hard work – well done guys!



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