Working under the Stormy!

Stormy Day!
After our delicious breakfast we have already started for work in this elephant sanctuary. We started from 8 am to 11 pm. We just for an hour it started to rain, even it rained but we still keep weeding the grass around the banana tree. All these banana trees will be for the elephants, monkeys and people who live in this area. The first full morning working day of us started with the stormy and drizzles in the whole morning. We all got wet because we haven’t stopped working until the rest time for lunch. That was hard working for us in this morning.






Around 11 am we came back to our beautiful hut and have lunch at 11: 30 am . That was such a delicious meal for us because every time of meal is vegetarian food. This week we are the vegetarian. We have tried our best to save animals live as possible as we can. After we have took a rest for half hour, it was time for us to walk with Elephant Sanctuary’s staffs and Rangers who protect this park and also with Arun Reah and Kamlin “Elephants” We have walked around 1 hour to reach the dam to feed and wash the elephants



It was an amazing time for us because it was a first time that we can jump to pond to wash and feed and touch them without scary anything. When jumped into the water some of us thought that water is a bit cold because it doesn’t have elephant pooppp in the pond.. ahaha So lucky today!!






After we took the bath and feed some water for elephant and saw her to put the sun screen in order to protect her skin from the hot sun. We walked back and prepared the food for these cute elephants by washed the watermelon, cut the sugar canes for their food today.





After this we played volleyball with local people and rangers here. After we had a hard day with stormy and humid, now it is time to take the shower and ready for dinner.

Yumm yymmm!!! See You tomorrow..




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