You silly goose!

I can’t believe this was our last day of work… It was yet another fun day (no surprise there). We did a lot more work on the toilets today, and have made a ton of progress on them. By the end of the season, the military camp should have about four brand new toilets. One group cleaned out the goose and puppy ponds too. It sounds gross, but it turned out to be really fun. We put on some music, worked in the shade, and had a good fun scrubbing away at the pond. Not to mention the fact that we got to wear the most stylish gum boots in the land. We are so cute! DSC06547DSC06554

This afternoon was our favorite thing to do of the whole week. We got to bless the trees! It is such an incredible experience getting to do this. We take scarves that have been blessed by monks and tie them around tree trunks in the forest. Once tied, it is said to bring bad luck to anyone who cuts it down. Therefore, no one takes the risk to cut these trees down according to buddhist beliefs. It’s a very powerful thing that we hold in our hands, and just another huge difference they’re making. DSC06560DSC06564DSC06565DSC06571DSC06572

This evening is our last evening, and you bet that we’re making the best of it. We had another delicious dinner and are celebrating by having a bonfire. What a great way to end an amazing two weeks. I love these guys!!!

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