12 fathoms Deep

Today was largely devoted to the reef pods. While on group was out diving the other was working on preparing the pods for deployment in the artificial reef. Our first task was to create cement feet for the pods. This meant digging holes for each of the 40 legs of the pods, filling them with cement, and letting them solidify. Cement is the life blood of our group.


The second job with the pods was to de-rust the pods. We do this in order to allow for epoxy that we apply later to create a good seal and to extend the life of the pod.


As far as SCUBA goes this was a big day. All the open water divers got their first official open water dive, which means they are one step closer to their certification!


The advanced divers went on their Deep Dive. It was by far the best dive we have had yet! It was in a current over a deep coral reef. We saw all sorts of deep aquatic life. After the dive Andi and Madi have now completed 2 out of 5 specialty dives required for their Advanced Open Water certification.


Our last job for the day was to coat the reef pods in the epoxy that I mentioned earlier. The epoxy is a thick glue mixed with a catalyst. It hardens really fast so we didn’t have much time to apply it. Its important to get every inch of the pod covered or else we risk the pod rusting in the salt water and falling apart. The epoxy increases the life of the pod from 30 years to about 300 in the salt water.


Tomorrow is our last day of work for the week and hopefully we will complete most , if not all of our water reservoir foundation!