2 days in 1 blog post. Excitement ensues!!!

Late Nights and early mornings!! Going to knock out 2 blogs in 1 because I may have finally solved the internet issue here on paradise island.
Wednesday we woke up again to the mouth watering smells of some of the most amazing food in Cambodia. Today we’ll be changing it up by starting work on the water encatchements!! Bringing supplies up by the wagon full from the pier, we needed bricks, cement, and rocks for the mixture. We first started off with some touch ups inside the water encatchment and will later, be putting the roof back on but our main goal is to make support beams on the outside of the water encahtments. Everyone learned the art of mixing cement by hand, with one bag cement, 2 bags rocks, 6 bags of sand, and a steady rotation of people to mix with a shovel it was done in no time! In order for us to get the sand to the site, some of us walk down this little dirt path and fill up 20 bags to bring back for Tomorrows work. Its getting towards lunch time and with everyone hungry for food we finish up by walking to one of the many beaches in the area and cool off before eating.
After lunch we begin by finishing off some book work and setting the high seas! Christa and Haoli getting to do their advanced so they set off to take pictures and document 10 different kinds of marine life. I was able to tag along with them and we went to a coral reef right off the coast of the island, with massive coral, beautiful starfish, and a wide assortment the swimming kind of fish, this was truly an incredible experience.
Making our way back to meet up with the group, the others had just finished up their skills check and then they themselves went out for a dive on the coral reef! When they got back we were excitedly told of their encounter with huge fish,which are pretty uncommon, and the ever friendly neighborhood stingray!!
When we get back, we are informed that all the volunteers were invited to a local wedding right here on the island!! Here is a first hand account from:

WILL-How exciting it is that we are going to a local traditional wedding this afternoon.We were welcome by new married couple and sat arond a table ,waiting for our dinner.Enjoy Cambodian music while eating our dishes,there are hot pot,mixed salad and so on.After dinner,we were invited to dance which is the most fun part.What a unforgetable night !

Zachariah: This was an amazing experience seeing a community come together to be able to celebrate Two peoples love for the rest of their lives is inspiring. The most amazing thing from this was we went up to every table saying cheers (chul moy) and every person was so inviting and open cheers back. It was a sense of real appreciation for the couple and they all showed their respects by enjoying the night to the most it can be. Once almost endlesss buffet of food stopped arriving on the table, it was clearly time to dance the night away with the locals. Their dance was very traditional and everyone went in a circle. However out of nowhere the coolest techno/rave music would come on and us westerners showed them how its done. Everyone had so much fun and this is deffenty a night never too forget. L.
Dive Instructor Rob- Great to have front row seats seeing the vols learn new moves under the water and Khrmer dancig on land. The Locals and the temporary local volunteers have so much to learn and give each other. Good strong community vibrations.

After this amazing, unfortgetable night we walked over to Coconut beach and talked the night away under the full moon. Great Friends, Good times, and memories to never forget.
– Late night after the wedding and the beach but that doesnt matter, noone can resist the smell of the food and we’re all up and ready to seize the day! Starting the new project for the water encatchment we start off digging and mixing cement to build these the support beams, in the days coming the bricks will be filled with cement and a long metal rod to gain strength for the walls.
This pretty much takes up most of our morning and after lunch we finish the last of the book work and get to scuba diving!!!! Almost certified, and ready to take on Davy Jones. Some went diving and some of us started a clean up of litter on the village beach. Walking down we picked up an entourage of village children who love to help, with a little bribery of candy of course….. After a couple of hours of each we all met together on the pier and went down to watch and get schooled in volleyball by the locals.
After the always delicious dinner Haoli and Joe was up to teach. Spending most of the hour teaching body parts and certain kinds of arm/leg movements, they were able to spend the last 15 minutes playing games of Simon Says. Of course with candy involved the children became very competitive, so they had to try sneaky ways of tricking them.

As always if you want me to pass on a message to your son, daughter, friend, partner, you can leave them a comment and I will be happy to pass it on!
Its an easy night tonight with the night ending with a round of cards and fun times at the inn, I’m sure all will be dreaming of roast beast and christmas carols. So on that note, to all a good night!

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Just 5 more brick pillars to the top left and nothing will stop this tank!



Red fish. Still to be identified. Until then…. USO ( unidentifiable swimming object)



Haoli taking selfies for the fans back home!

Trash washes ashore over time from the currents around these islands and it was so helpful having these kids around, 1.5 bags of candy later and the beach is nearly complete!
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Instructor Rob delivering the knowledge among the volunteers20151224_104842 - Copy - Copy - Copy

Because Indie loves to lie down in the holes we dig for support beams.
20151223_203315 - Copy - Copy - CopyThe wedding!!20151224_193828 - Copy - Copy - CopySimon says……CHEESE