Month: December 2014

By Land and By Sea

Monday we began our Journey to the island, first by land and then by sea. The first leg of our journey was a 4 hour bus ride from Phnom Penh to Sihanoukville. You see some strange things on Cambodian bus rides, mainly in the form of their choice of entertainment. We were lucky enough to…

Volunteers have arrived!

  Hi Guys all the volunteers have arrived. Internet is a bit troublesome so I will post more later. All the best from the island people. You can follow and like us:

To Koh Rong and Back

This is it, the last blog of the program. It’s time to say our goodbyes. The past two weeks has been an adventure for all involved. From the journey to Koh Rong, to our SCUBA Sagas, to various encounters with cultural confusion. Through it all We have become a family, of sorts. Over the course…

Our last day!

Wow two weeks flys by in a blink of an eye. Thursday was our last full day on the island. Our day started early with a dive, and the visibility was excellent. We dove to the natural reef just next to the coral reef pods and collected coral that had broken off from the reef….

Morning painting and afternoon diving

Yesterday afternoon we made some much needed changes to the ROV water supply project. ROV built a roof to collect rainwater for the catchment and mid year Reach Out Volunteers put a really cool playground under it so the island children had somewhere out of the scorching sun to spend their playtime. The roof is a…

Diving with a purpose!

Hi there! It’s the ROV Admin team writing the blog today. The electrical surge from the island generator has destroyed the charger for our team leader’s computer. We spoke to him on the phone this afternoon and he gave us the following update. Everyone is happy and having a great time. Today the new pods were…

Everyone passed their diving tests!!

Hey guys, it’s the ROV Admin team here. We have spoken with John who has informed us that their was a surge in the power generated last night which has effected his computer charger! I guess there has to be a problem living out on a amazing tropical island otherwise everyone would do it…right?!  Everyone’s…


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