All hands on the projects today.

With this weeks special breaky of pancakes, our advanced divers went out to ‘crocodile island’ to submerge into their 30M deep dive while our newly certified open water divers dropped into a different dive site to enjoy their first ‘fun dive’ as fully capable and cert-ed PADI o/w divers (18M Max – of course).

Back on the land, we had many local helpers mixing carrying bricks and cementing them in place on top of the water catchment. The weather was nice and cool today so everyone was quite happy to get stuck in and work hard while chatting and listening to beats by Sydnie.

During the afternoon, the base of the water catchment was fortified with more sand bags and stone giving the structure its important base layer that will later ensure the retention of rain water.

The other dive group carried their cement blocks and finished reef pods to the boat and set out to sea for pod deployment. 8 Pods were thrown off the boat along with 40 footings and followed by 10 divers. We safely scrambled under water moving the pods into place and securing their footings. Team Will paid a special interest and applied extra effort because of the research he is doing for his University back in Nashville, USA. I am sure he will get good feedback.

It is sadly our last day tomorrow, however, we will still be enjoying another day of the projects and further reef pods being placed in the water. The number is climbing high with over 400 pods now sitting in the reserve benefit the marine environment in Cambodia. We think the group deserves a good bonfire tomorrow on their last night with some chocolate covered banana’s to give them a good last night on the Island. We will get some good photos, for sure.

Jol moi!

Rob and Jem