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The water was a nice 30 degrees… Celsius.; Perfect conditions for diving. We gear up and post up on the walls of the boat. This was to be a negative entry. One by one we roll back into the sea, BCD’s inflated and regulators in position. Our first dive had begun.


For the advanced diving students (Lara, JoJo, and I) this was our underwater naturalist dive. We encountered all sorts of marine creatures along the way; very thing from Barrel Sponges, to damselfish, to an octopus. Kristin, doing her first open water dive, made the biggest find of the day: a Lion Fish!

Christmas-tree Worm (Spirobranchus giganteus)



Before we got into diving we took a tour of our lovely village with Kylie, our dive instructor. The village, of about 200 people, wraps around the coast of the island and is home to all sorts of interesting people, who share the land with all manners of animals (dogs, cats, chickens, etc). We also took a look at some of the projects we will be working on while on land over the next few weeks. Our first project will be painting one of the school buildings to protect its wooden structure from the rain.


IMG_0554 IMG_0555 IMG_0560





Our night has taken a turn for the musical, as we are currently sitting around my ukulele for a sing along.






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