imageWednesday welcomed us with perfect weather for diving. The sea was calm and the wind was nearly silent, which made for good visibility. In the AM the Advanced divers went out to complete their Underwater Naturalist dive. The goal of this dive is to identify 10 species of coral and 10 species of fish. The volunteers brought their underwater cameras to help with the process. The beep of Leona’s and Steffy’s GoPros could be heard unabated through out the entire dive.

During all of this the open water divers were going through their dive video which took them through the PADI training course.

In the afternoon the Open Waters enjoyed those excellent water conditions. In their second dive of the week they first learned how to tow a tired Diver. Next they went under to learn how to be neutrally buoyant. That means by the end of the dive they needed to be able to float in a Buddha pose with our use of their hands of BCD( Buoyancy Control Device) !

On land the Advanced group continued our work at the water reservoir, building the walls, and the Open Waters joined them soon after their dive.


John R


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