Hey guys, it’s Jarnah and Tazia here; today we have the courtesy of writing the guest blog!

Finally the weekend, so no work today! With the day off, the group decided to head out on an island trek. We hired a machete wielding jungle guide who took us off the beaten track and into the Cambodian wilderness. We left just after 9 and returned for lunch. We weaved through various canopies marvelling at the foliage and dodging cobwebs until we reached a beautiful secluded bay. From here we scrambled up some rocks supporting what seemed to resemble a dried up river. We made our way to another isolated bay with stunning views overlooking the crystal calm ocean. Whilst we didn’t spot any wild animals, the Cambodian flora provided us with plenty to gaze at; epiphytes, various fungi and large tropical species with spikes arranged as predatory defence mechanisms. We arrived back at camp salivating with hunger, scoffed our lunch and spent the rest of our day relaxing with card games, reading books and playing with the gorgeous Khmer children.


Lastly, Steffy says hi to her mum and she misses her heaps!



Jarns and Taz

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