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One last Sunset Selfie with Mitch

Friday was a long day. In the morning we had our final breakfast on the island, packed our bags, and began our journey back to Phnom Penh by boat. Once we arrived we caught the soonest bus.

We all passed the time with some western movies, including “Rise of the Planet of the Apes” dubbed in Khmer with no subtitles… Meaning that no one knew what was going on the whole movie.

“The Killing Field” was the first film played on the bus and offered once last look into the recent dark age of Cambodian history. It followed the story of Dirh Prav, a Cambodian journalist who survived the Khmer Rouge genocide.

Once we arrived in Phnom Penh it was straight to dinner. Jarnah and Tazia had their fix of fried spring rolls while everyone else gorged on western food.

Our night ended with some group massages and then some good byes.
Today (Saturday) we all go our separate ways. Claire, Steffy, Jarnah, Tazia, and Natasha are coming with me to ️Siem Reap to extend their programs! Mitch and Leona are spending some more time in SE Asia, and everyone else is heading home.

I hope you have enjoyed following the blog as much as I have enjoyed this amazing group. We have all become so close that it will be so hard to leave each other… but we know, its not “goodbye” it’s “see you soon”.

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Thank you so much for your support and you will be seeing your loved ones soon and, no doubt hearing all the stories too.


Jarnah and Tazia Relishing in a Springroll after 2 weeks of rice and Veg!

Jarnah and Tazia Relishing in a Springroll after 2 weeks of rice and Veg!

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