A bittersweet end

Hi everyone, Luke here. Today marked our last full day on the island of Koh Rong. We worked on several projects around the village including painting the desks for the school children and completing the next stage of work on the water catchment.

Over the past two weeks our group of 16 have grown together and shared many unique experiences, which I am sure we will all carry with us and remember fondly for the rest of our lives. From scuba diving on the local reef we are helping to construct, swimming in the warm tropical waters from a boat anchored off shore, experiencing the magic of the bio luminescent plankton, climbing across sunset rocks with local children hanging off and playing all around us and being a part of a small fishing community.

We leave with a great sense of accomplishment having had a positive and tangible impact on our village. Most importantly helping supply the locals with water in preparation for the dry season and building the artificial reef to rejuvenate the marine population for this tiny fishing community.

The friendships we have formed on this trip with each other and with our group leader will continue long after we have all returned home and will be lifelong.

On this adventure, not only have we built something physical but we have shared something we could have never experienced anywhere else in the world.

Thank you to all the people involved and to ROV.

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