ABC’s and BCDs

We finished our book work today! WaHOOOO!! Everyone worked so hard the past few days, and we are excited to not be constantly studying.

We got to do more work in the water today! We were underwater for almost an hour practicing different skills – Tom is already open water certified and is working towards his advanced open water cert, so he went off for a dive with his buddy while the rest of us learned. We also worked on sanding down the coral pods that we will coat with epoxy tomorrow and later put down in the ocean for a coral reef to begin to grow!

The beach here where we are working is absolutely beautiful, if I didn’t say that yesterday… (I’ll probably say it every day). White sands, turquoise blue-green waters… I’m in tropical paradise heaven.

AND, DANIEL AND RYAN FINALLY GOT HERE TODAY! They’re the couple of blokes who missed their original flight who we have been waiting to join our group – we’ve been wondering about the mysterious pair for days, and they’re finally here! Our family is complete.

Since we have more free time tonight, we played a huge, never ending game of UNO – as soon as someone ran out of cards, they just dealt themselves back in… We also added in weird house rules where people would trade their sets of cards with people to the right – Definitely a hoot to play, but things got a little heated at the end. Luckily, a few local children showed up in our pavilion for English lessons!! They’re young but so smart and sweet… The lesson quickly turned into magic tricks and paper airplanes, but fun is the most important part anyway 🙂

Time to tucker into bed before another big day of working and diving and splashing in the sea tomorrow 😉 if you’re reading, wish us a bit of luck and send your love!!


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