All in a day’s work

Tuesday morning was all about our studies. The open water volunteers spent the early hours going through the PADI Scuba manual and watching instructional videos, seemingly narrated by the Irish cop from “Bridesmaids”. Before they can get into the water the volunteers are required to take a test on their book knowledge.


The advanced divers had some homework as well. In order to get your advanced certifications you must complete 5 specialties – Underwater Naturalist, Underwater Navigation, Drift Dive, Peak Performance Buoyancy, and Deep Dive. For each of these there is first a written section, which we did today, and the dive its self.


Because of come abnormally choppy weather we were unable to get into the water today so instead we got right into our land project! We are building a water catchment reservoir for the village. Because Cambodia has a wet and then dry season, there are months at a time where the island receives absolutely no water. Usually the locals are forced to import water at great expense. The idea with this project is that when it is finished the reservoir will fill up In the wet season so that the village will have water all throughout the dry season.


The first stage of the project is making the foundation for the reservoir. This requires making a lot of cement. Each batch requires 3 big bags of sand, 2 bags of gravel, and one bag of cement. In just one afternoon, with 6 batches of cement we finished a third of the foundation!


After we finished our work day the boys challenged the Khmer men to a game of volley ball. The Khmer are really good at volleyball… We didn’t win. We do have 2 weeks to practice though!


After dinner we went for a night swim at the beach. This is where the bioluminescent plankton live and when you wave you arms in the water they light up and it looks like you have a trail of stardust following your every move.


Wednesday is our first dive and the Volly’s can’t wait!



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