All the caps and straps

Who needs alarm clocks when roosters wake you up each morning and there is scuba knowledge to be studied. The whole group was up by 5am, even before the lights turned on. So they made lanterns out of water bottles and got to studying before breakfast was served. The fresh fruit went down a treat on this hot morning. After breakfast our wonderful scuba instructor Kylie took our advanced divers out to the water as us rookies watched our first instructional videos, learning all about the different hand signals and proper equipment needed to keep us safe in the depths. 

The advanced divers experienced so many different marine life such as seastars, sea urchins, sponges and even a lot of CLOWNFISH!
Then the open water divers got strapped up with our scuba cylinders and learnt all the different straps and connections, then jumped in that water with our buddies.
It was so incredible to take our very first breaths underwater!!!
While the different groups were learning the new techniques, the rest were studying the last two chapters of the book. And then the rains came.
We were lucky to get back to the house just before the storm hit, thank goodness! And also just in time for dinner! Genesis and Ian were the only ones game enough to go dancing out in the rain. The rest of us have just been inside still studying, and playing some awesome games of pool.
Until tomorrow..
Love Austin and Jade

Ian and Sofia setting up their Scuba gear

Alana and Lauren fully equipped and ready to go.

The whole crew heading to the beach