And that’s a wrap!

It was our last day in the village, and it was a great one! We made a massive dent in laying the bricks for the walls and got close to completing three walls. This is a huge accomplishment because it is a long and tedious process to make the cement and lay the bricks correctly. These guys rocked it! We also did one last clean up by gathering all the trash bins around the village and disposing of them properly at the incinerator. While they handled lots of rubbish today, I can honestly say that my friends are not trashy. 😉DSC06086DSC06088DSC06085

After work, everyone dashed to the beach for a swim and tanning session and had a nice and calm afternoon. Our evening consisted of getting one last fruit smoothie (or two), running to catch the sunset and finishing off a delicious farewell meal. The sunset was to dye for tonight, and it was completely worth sprinting down the dock to catch it at the perfect moment. Tomorrow we will make the trip back to Phnom Penh for a little nighttime adventure before everyone leaves little old me. They’re on their way back to you though, so that is definitely something for everyone to look forward to!DSC06098

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