And then there were 5

So we meet again, Koh Rong. Only this time: I’ve got a new crew.

All 5 of our wonderful volunteers, Grant, Ellen, Iva, Michaela, and Bianca arrived safe and sound yesterday. After the last few volunteers landed around midnight, we made our way back to Okay Guesthouse only to awaken a few short hours later for a 5:30am breakfast and a 6:00am bus ride to Sihanoukville. We then hopped aboard the supply boat (which departed a good two hours after it was supposed to…hello, Cambodia) and reached Koh Rong.

Having a smaller group can be so advantageous: our 8+ hours of travel today gave us time to get to know each other adequately (Bianca thinks that dolphins are really just humans who evolved in the water. True story.)

The volunteers received their PADI scuba diving workbooks and have been given the entire night to get studying. If all goes well, we could be in the water working on skills as early as tomorrow afternoon!

I’m excited to update you all on the projects we’ll be working on and the journey that’s about to unfold. But after multiple days of exhausting travel, it’s an early night of sleep for this group!

As always, much love from Cambodia!


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