Another day, another dive… What a life!

Before heading over to the dive shack, I was called up to the boys’ room… A scorpion was trying to find refuge from the rain in Ryan’s bed! Being a Texas girl means I am no stranger to scorpions, and so I quickly trapped it in a cup and released it outside to roam free… It wasn’t until later in the day that Daniel thought up the idea of pitting it against one of many millipedes/centipedes we see around to see who would win in a fight. Maybe next time…

While groups continued their diving skills, the rest on land worked on mixing sand and cement and pouring them into holes we dug into the sand in order to create cement feet for our pods to weigh them down at the bottom of the ocean when we put them in next week! The dogs kept play fighting and running into the holes we had just dug, but there were no hard feelings!

Around 2pm, the sun FINALLY came out for a few hours! It’s been thunder storming and overcast since arriving on Monday, so the few hours of sunlight were absolute bliss.

After dinner, we played games and ran our little English class again, waiting for it to get dark enough to run over to the beach and try to see the bioluminescent phytoplankton! The rain makes the plankton retreat a bit more into deeper waters so we weren’t able to see much, but you were able to see a bit of glowing when you kicked and flopped around which was absolutely surreal!

Tomorrow we start work on building a roof for the water catchment… Wish us luck!!




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