Hey friends and fam!

my name is Shandiggitydog, and I’ll be the team leader on the island in charge of the blog for this program!


Today all but 2 of my volunteers finally came together in Phnomh Penh – we will be joined later in the week by the two poor chaps who missed their flight today! But for the rest of us who were here, we enjoyed a relaxing day of working on our jet lag and adjusting to Cambodia – well, Crystal and Michelle have been in the area for two weeks already, so they have a leg up on jet lag.

This morning Lisa and Mitchell went on our Phnom Penh cultural immersion tour while I headed off to the airport, and learned a lot about the Khmer Rouge. It was a very heavy history tour, but they very much appreciated all that they learned. While they toured, the other volunteer who got in early, Fraser, wandered around the Royal Palace and told me he felt like he was just a puddle of sweat by the end of it!

Lauren, Lindsay and Claire all arrived around the same time late this morning, and enjoyed their first Cambodian tuk tuk back to our guesthouse – Tom flew in later in the afternoon and immediately began catching sweet photos of the views on the tuk tuk ride. Ellie JUST got in an hour ago, and gets the least amount of time to work on her jet lag before our early 6am breakky tomorrow!! Sorry Ellie… you can sleep on the bus as we travel to the island ☺️


The island doesn’t have wifi and has very spotty service, but know that the blogs will find their way to the great wide web as soon as possible while we’re there!!


Catch ya on the flip side,