Arrival day!

Hi everyone!!

It’s the start of a new island program and everyone is very excited! Today we had people arriving in Phnom Penh from early this morning around 7 am all the way to 10:30 pm tonight. It’s been a busy day! For the volunteers who got here early, they were able to go to the Killing Fields and S21. These sights are such a huge part of Cambodian culture, especially given how recent the Khmer Rouge was in power. The volunteers who went there today all came back with a deep understanding of what Cambodia has been through and why having volunteers here is so necessary. Other volunteers took the day to settle in, see some of the markets, and walk to the palace- which is absolutely beautiful. After dinner, everyone went to bed because we have an early morning tomorrow, starting at 6:30 am! Tomorrow we’ll be traveling to the island via bus and boat. We have a very exciting two weeks ahead of us- neither I nor the volunteers can wait for it to begin!


Volunteers shown above: Maddie, Elia, Shiming, Jared, Shari, Keturah, Ashley, Luke, Paige, and Ari.

Volunteers not shown (but who have safely arrived!): Marshall, Emily, Syiane, AJ, and Sara.