Arrived and settled in!

Hey everyone,

Today was a long day of travel! We left Phnom Penh early this morning and got to Sianoukville in time for lunch. After a nice lunch full of hilarious stories and games, we all loaded into tuk tuks and headed to the dock.

Everyone met Kylie, who will be our dive instructor and project coordinator while we’re here on the island! The weather was a bit dodgy today so the boat ride to the island was pretty choppy. Everyone had a big laugh because the people sitting at the front of the boat were soaked by the time we got to the island!

We got to Koh Rong just in time for dinner. In the evening everyone cracked open their new textbooks and immediately started studying. It’s pretty clear everyone’s eager to get in the water and start diving 🙂

Tomorrow we’ll get a tour of the village and an introduction to the program. All the volunteers are sleepy from so much travel but VERY excited for the next two weeks. It’ll definitely be an adventure!


Volunteers shown above: Marshall, Emily, Elia, shiming, ari, Sam, Sara, Paige, Luke, Shari, AJ, Jared, Ashley, Keturah, Maddie


Volunteers shown above: Ashley, Paige, Keturah, Emily, Shari, Elia, Sara, Ari, Maddie, Luke, AJ, Jared, Marshall, Shiming, and Sam.