Back for seconds!

Well I guess they must’ve had a good time yesterday at the beach because they decided to head back for round two today! So basically, they had a repeat day on the same beautiful beach. They napped and sun bathed and got gorgeously tan. Luckily, everyone managed to avoid getting burned too, so that was certainly a highlight! They even had some extremely competitive volleyball games against each other. They played the five australians against the two americans. I am proud to say that my USA peeps pulled through and beat the australians, even with far less people! Eventually some of the locals joined in to simmer down the country competitiveness and have a more even matched game of volleyball.

The locals were so welcoming to them. They wanted to share a bit of their culture with them, so they offered up some interesting food for them to try. They took a dead tree trunk, lit it on fire and roasted squid on top. Some of the more adventurous volunteers dared to try the squid, but I don’t think they enjoyed it very much. However, now they can say they’ve had a true blue Cambodian squid barbecue! I’d say the weekend was an absolute success, and now we’re all going back to work tomorrow!

The lovely Jordan is on her way home tonight, and will certainly be missed. We had so much fun with her, but we know we’ll all be keeping in touch! She was sad to leave, but she is excited to get back to her family tomorrow. Safe travels Jordy!!

Here are all the pictures from the past few days I promised 🙂 DSC06175DSC06183DSC06188DSC06198


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