Beach Day!

Hello friends and family! Today we kicked off the weekend with a hike to a resort on the island. We had a slow start due to the rain that poured until about 9am. On the plus side, we stocked up on water that should last us to the middle of next week! Thank god, some people were starting to stink…

The hike took just under an hour and everyone was pumped to get to the beach and access some wifi! Once we got there, we settled in on our phones or jumped right into the water. We had lunch at the resort and then pulled out a water trampoline and some sort of banana boat thing to lounge on. Everyone took a turn jumping off the top or doing flips, we even crawled inside! We got some awesome photos to post on Facebook and some of us saw a cuttlefish! Needless to say, we were all sad to leave our day of relaxing on the beach! I think we deserved it after all our hard work this week. Shout out to all the friends and family that are checking up on us! <3
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