Birthday bricks and bonfires!

These guys are the best! I woke up this morning to birthday wishes, a special birthday ukelele song, and a card colored and signed by everyone. They even got up extra early to draw a big piece of art on the concrete area in front of the house with chalk. To top it all off, they came around me after breakfast singing happy birthday with a little sponge cake with a candle in it. I couldn’t have asked for a better birthday. They really made it special and unforgettable. DSC06264

We did a lot of brick laying today because we are making so so soooo much progress and we want to get as much done as possible! We completed two walls yesterday and are very close to finishing three more! The kids jumped in and helped us mix the cement a bit as well as filling our empty buckets when needed. It was cute. We listened to some bumpin music while working, and I’m pretty sure they said I was the best DJ ever, and that’s a direct quote from the group. It must’ve been the High School Musical and Hannah Montana songs. 😉DSC06267DSC06266DSC06268DSC06269DSC06270

Tonight we went over to the beach for another bonfire. We have made good friends with the guy who is building the bungalows and he has been great to us. Not only does he come down to say hello and watch our belongings when we go and swim, but both times he has set up a nice bonfire for us to enjoy. He also brought us ice cold water to drink as well. During the bonfire, I taught them a game I used to play with my family when we went camping as kids. We call it the Quarter Game. It sounds weird when you explain it, so I will have to let your kids/friends demonstrate for you when they get home. Needless to say, it was hilarious. We were cracking up at everyone doing it and while doing it ourselves. It was such a perfect bonfire game! DSC06280

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