Bombs away!

Our last day was such a success! We completed so many walls of bricks, which means the water catchment will most certainly be done by the time rainy season starts. It’s such an accomplishment and these amazing volunteers have been incredibly motivated to finish as much as possible. Upon completion, the only thing to do was to have a photo shoot with our finished walls. I think we’re going to send them into Vogue. Surely one of them will make the cover! DSC06324DSC06326DSC06327DSC06329DSC06331

Not only did we do the walls, but we also worked hard under the ocean today. Today was also the deployment day of the reef pods. We literally tossed the elephant feet and pods overboard in hopes they would land close to the drop line and dropped ourselves down to the bottom. From there, we maneuvered the materials to the reef and secured them to the bottom. Everyone felt so accomplished. It’s such a cool feeling using these scuba skills for a good cause and being able to add to the man-made reef.DSC06335

It has only been two weeks, but it has seriously flown by so quickly. I don’t want to leave. These guys definitely don’t want to leave. It’s going to be a sad morning tomorrow saying goodbye. 🙁

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