Andddd we’re back in Phnom Penh! It was an early morning boat ride to the mainland and an afternoon bus, but we got here with plenty of time to spare for activities. It was really tough to say goodbye this morning. I think everyone was sad having to leave, but they are hoping and planning to see everyone again in the future. A lot of people came out to wish them safe travels, and even though it was sad, it was a nice goodbye. Once we were en route again, everyone went back to their chatty goofy selves and we spent some time on the bus ride (in between games) planning our evening. Showers were our first priority, and boy did we smell better after that! Dinner was next, then the night markets, ice cream and massages. We didn’t waste any time. Plus, it was the best way to spend our last night together. It was a splendid evening! DSC06341DSC06342Sad to go…



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