Cambodia sunshine & plenty of sweat

Another full morning of studying for our PADI licenses! We finished up our last few exams today WOOOHOOO! No more studying first thing in the morning!

After our last exam we headed to a local playground that was covered in trash and debris. We spent some time clearing it all out, then lugging the trash to the incinerator to be burned. After that we began work on one of the main projects to be done during our time here on Koh Rong: The water catchment system. We began by filling rice bags full of sand to mix with cement to get the brick laying going: A few of the volunteers had a real knack for this and were throughly enjoying slathering cement and building up the bricks. (A great skill for them to take home might I add..)

1505 Vols laying bricks

In the afternoon we were able to get back out on the water and practice a few more diving skills. Once we got back, we all decided to walk to a near by beach for sunset.

1505 beachwalk


It was a beautiful evening to spend swimming in the ocean and relaxing after a hot sweaty day. On the walk back for dinner, we practiced some Khmer words like “Leer Hi” for goodbye, and “Atay Akoun” for no thank you – A phrase I make sure all my volunteers know as soon as they get off the plane and had a hoard of Tuk Tuk drivers approaching them. We all came to a consensus that Koh Rong has the most beautiful sunset we have ever seen. What makes it more beautiful is the ocean and green landscape. Pictures don’t do it justice!!

1505 sunset

Due to internet issues the day’s blog will be posted on the following day. If you’re interested in the water catchment system we’re building, and want to learn more about ROV charity, check out