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Group photos so far 📸📸📸

The group are having an awesome time so far! We’ll post some more updates soon!

Monday’s photos 📸📸

Some photos of the group getting down ‘n’ dirty as they work on the coral pods:

Gettin’ Certified!

Heyo it’s yo girl Phoebe coming at you! Today was our down and dirty day here on the island. We started off with a western style breakfast, I’m talking omelette and bread. Yeah, bread, what a treat! Group 1 headed down to coconut beach for their final certification dive. CONGRATS GUYS. The water was really…

Sunday FUN-day!⭐️🌟🌟

Our Sunday blog is brought to your by our very own Jess! Heyyyy everyoneeee It’s Jess coming at ya to wrap up the weekend! Shout out to my friends and family!! Love and miss everyone! Hi Mom and Ella!! Last day of the weekend before we’re back to work. This morning we woke up at…

Lazy Saturdays!

Cheers to the freakin weekend!! All our hard work yesterday paid off, today was the beginning of our weekend off! We got a wee bit of a sleep in Saturday morning before heading off on a boat to check out the island next door. It was a free day for everyone to explore, grab some…

It’s FriYAY!! 😀🍹

Hey guys! Today was AMAAAAZZINGGG. We blasted through the last bit of manual labour today before our weekend off! Lots of impressive shows of strength and endurance while we dug holes, collected rocks, chopped rope and mixed cement to build our POD FEET! I’ve said it all day and I’ll say it again, I am…

Thursday fun! 😎

Greetings from Koh Rong! Thursday on the island was another fantastic day. We started off with some sand hauling, a mighty task that everyone excelled at. There are 17 people and we will be making two coral pods per person, that’s 34 coral pods with 4 cement feet for each pod, that’s 136 cement feet!!!…

Photos from Monday, Tuesday & Wednesday! 📸

Howdy Readers! As promised, here are the pictures from Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday on the island – enjoy! 🙂

Gooooood morning Cambodia🌴🌴☀️

Hey all! Sorry for the late update, its been a crazy first few days on the island and we’ve been having so much FUN! We’ve compiled a bit of a recap for the last few days here. Monday was a bright and early wake up to gobble down some banana pancakes and omelettes before heading…

Arrival day!

Arrival day!! Hello world! My name is Elaura, I will be the team leader for these next two incredible weeks on our marine conservation project. Everyone has been flying in to Phnom Penh for the past two days and have all arrived now! I can already tell this is going to be a fantastic group….


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