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Monday Funday!

MondAAAAAYY! Today was a bright and early wake up call before eating some fresh fruit and hopping on a bus to the island! We stopped for lunch at the beach before continuing onto the pier where we would depart to our beautiful island home! We jumped on a local supply boat with our bags full…

Arrived Alive!

Heyo! My name is Elaura, I will be the team leader and blog writer extraordinaire for these next two weeks on our marine conservation project! Today was arrival day and a fun one indeed. Annais and Em landed after lunch to meet a very sleepy Cassandra back at the hotel, who had landed late last…

Goodbye Phnom Penh

What a big, sad day of goodbyes. Austin left us super early this morning, and later on we had to say our farewells to Ian, Genesis, Mauricio and Sofia. These guys have been such a big part of our family, with their amazing personalities, and beautiful souls, and of course Austin’s funny sense of humour….

What an emotional, educational rollercoaster

Today was a heavy, but educational day. We all went to visit the killing fields and the S21 genocide museum except for Adrian who decided to have a relaxing day back at the hostel. He went to the killing fields last year, which is why he decided to give it a miss this time around….

Said our goodbyes to the island life

The island is already calling us back. Today was the day that we left the island :(. A bright and early start to the day with some pancakes as everyone was packed up and ready to load the boat up at 8am. We said goodbye to all the dogs and kids that hung around us…

Scuba certified and celebrating

CHOLLL MUOY!! this means cheers in Khmer, and we are definitely celebrating because we got our certifications today while building the coral reefs. We woke up to breakfast and then transported the last of the coral pods and cement feet to the boat. Alana, Jackson, Rachel, Connor, Ian and Genesis all went out first this…

Fishies finally get a new home

Today we became true marine conservationists! We woke up bright and early, enjoyed breakfast together and then did the last finishing touches on the Coral Pods. We had to check over the Epoxy we did the day before, and finish off the sanding for some extra pods we had also missed the day before. Once…


Austin here, hijacking the blog for tonight. The island is starting to get to us, the people are still nice, the food is great, the sights beautiful, our mission of finding something wrong with the island is slowly slipping into chaos. And we are leaving soon. I don’t think anyone wants to think about that….

Dog days are the best days.

A huge storm woke us this morning quite early, but it was our kayak day which worked out perfect. The rain cleared but it was enough rain that filled the river. We all got ready and played some pool while we were waiting for the truck to pick us up and take us to the…

Rocking around to Reggaeton

Hey everybody, I’m so sorry about missing a day, it was a very big day for us all and another storm hit us last night so we unfortunately had no reception. But the day was incredible. The advanced divers headed out first, out on the boat for 45 minutes to do their first deep dive….


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