Cement Feet and Bricklaying Beats

Our Volunteers woke up to a beautiful day on this magical island.

In the morning we had half the crew scuba diving and the other half making the cement feet for our coral pods. These feet will keep our coral pods anchored at the bottom of the ocean to allow the coral to grow. We dug holes in the sand, hand mixed the cement, filled each hole with the cement and added a string handle, we will let them set over night and start the deploying of the pods tomorrow. YAY!!!!

After lunch we had plenty more work to do and lots more cement to mix. Our crew smashed it out as always and finally got to lay their first bricks for the water catchment. Our volunteers are now amazing bricklayers and the work flew by as we listened to some amazing beats and had plenty of good old fashion sing alongs. This water catchment will help provide fresh rainwater to the village all year round so with each and every sand bag that’s moved, hole dug and brick layed we get closer to our end goal which is very exciting and all our volunteers should be extremley proud with their efforts. It’s hard work but we truly are changing lives.

Tomorrow we have more bricks to lay but we will also start deploying our pods and all our new qualified PADI divers can put their skills to good use.

Untill next time, stay amazing.

Jem and Rob